Prof. Paolo Massimo Buscema
Director, Researcher

University of Colorado Denver – Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Dr. Giulia Massini
Vice-Director, Researcher
Dr. Engineer Marco Breda
Dr. Guido Maurelli
Head Organization
Giorgio Pezzali
Communication and External Relations
mob. + 39 335 8499044
Clarissa Benvenuti

Mihaela Ivan


Associate Researchers


Dr. Enzo Grossi

Learning  Machine

Marco Fabrizi

Learning  Machine

Dr. Engineer Riccardo Petritoli

Economics and  Heritage

Dr. Guido Ferilli
Faculty of Arts, Markets, and Heritage
IULM University, Milan
 asadi Physics

Dr. Masoud Asadi-Zeydabadi  Associate Professor, Physics Department, University of Colorado Denver CO USA

   Medical Physics

Dr. Francis Newman
Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Radiation Oncology, School of Medicine, University of Colorado Denver CO USA

   Earth & Environmental Systems

Dr. Michael J. Friedel,
Member of the Center for Computational and Mathematical Biology,
University of Colorado (USA)


Research Fellows


Prof. Weldon A. Lodwick
Full Professor of Mathematics, University of Colorado Denver CO USA

       Economics and Culture

Prof. Pier Luigi Sacco
Full Professor of  Economics
IULM University,  Milan

Prof. Marco Ramazzotti
Archaeology and History of the Ancient Near East
La Sapienza University , Rome

Prof. Roberto Benzi
Ordinario di Fisica dei sistemi dinamici,   Tor Vergata University , Rome
   Information Systems

Prof. William Tastle
Professor of Information Systems
School of business
Ithaca College, New York

  Police Intelligence

St. Detective Jeoff Monaghan


Prof. Emeritus Vittorio Capecchi

Bologna University, Italy


Prof. Stanley Einstein
The Middle Eastern Summer Institute on Drug Use, Jerusalem

Military Intelligence

Ammiraglio Roberto Fusco


External Relations

Luciana Marcellini Hercolani Gaddi
External Relations