DHarm (International Patent)

 DHarm Harmonic Map (International Patent)

We define Harmonic Centre of a set of Entities, located into 2 dimensional space, the geometrical point whose distances from the assigned Entities minimize the sum of the remainders of their reciprocal divisions. Further, it is possible to transform the whole space into a Harmonic scalar field, where each geometrical point presents a specific Harmonic value.


dharm1 dharm2


[1] Harmonic Center A new class of algorithms able to define from a sample of points distributed into 2 or 3 dimensional space the different membership of harmonics of any geometrical point of the surface. Applicant: Semeion Research Center. Inventor: M Buscema. USA Patent:  12/969,620 . Deposited 16-Dec-2010


 [1] M Buscema, PL Sacco, E Grossi, and W Lodwick, Spatiotemporal Mining: A SystematicApproach to Discrete Diffusion Models for Time and Space Extrapolation. The Harmonic Center: A New Concept and Mathematical Entity, chapter 8.6, pp 256-259, in W.J. Tastle (ed.), Data Mining Applications Using Artificial Adaptive Systems, Springer Science+Business Media New York 2013.