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Scientific Body with legal status recognised by the Ministry for Education University and Research (M.I.U.R.)
Min. Order dated 12 Nov. 1991
Via Sersale 117, 00128 Rome (Italy) ~ Phone: +39 0650652350 ~ Fax: +39 065060064 ~
Web:www.semeion.it ~ semeion@semeion.it



  • Basic research oriented to the conceptualization and design of Artificial Organisms constituted by adaptive systems based on Artificial Neural Networks and Evolutive Algorithms for the simulation, prediction and control of processes and phenomena;
  • Applied Research mainly aimed towards the construction of intelligent computer science models in the bio-medical, financial, law enforcement and social fields;
  • Education of researchers in the methodologies and techniques of the application of Artificial Adaptive Systems to various research domains;
  • Sharing of research models for projects and in support of the scientific testing invented inside Semeion;
  • Publication of scientific discoveries of the results of research and experimentation carried out by Semeion’s researchers and with collaboration from national and international scholars and researchers.