RCR-MST (International Patent)

Recurrent MST (International Patent)

Every distribution of Points in a D-dimensional space implies a MST (one or many).

The number of other points that we may add, in a recurrent sequence, to the previous ones, to have a shorter MST, define a special set of remarkable points.

We define this new set of points implicit points of the original map of the assigned points.

We named Recurrent MST the procedure to define the set of the implicit points of any map in a D-dimensional space.

Example of 5×5 regular grid (the implicit points are square, on the right figure):



 [1] Recurrent MST: A new class of algorithms able to define from a sample of points distributed into 2 or 3 dimensional space  the set of the geometrical points implicated  from that distribution. Applicant: Semeion Research Center. Inventor: M Buscema. USA Patent:  12/969,673 . Deposited 16-Dec-2010.