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About Semeion



Semeion was founded in 1985 and is a Research Center for the Science of Communication with legal status recognized by the Ministry of University, Education and Scientific Research (MIUR). It carries out its activity of basic, experimental and applied research in the field of the Science of artificial intelligence with a focus on theories of the mind.
In particular, it is specialised in creating Artificial Adaptive Systems. It has conceptualized, designed, and constructed models that simulate the work of complex systems and has developed original theories about the functioning of the brain.
The activity of Semeion is articulated in the following points:

  • Basic research oriented to the conception and design of Artificial Organisms constituted by adaptive systems based on Artificial Neural Networks and Evolutive Algorithms for the simulation, prediction and control of processes and phenomena;
  • Applied Research dominantly, but not exclusively, aimed at the construction of intelligent computer science models in the bio-medical, financial and social fields;
  • Education of researchers on the current methodologies and techniques of the application of Artificial Adaptive Systems to differing and various domains of research;
  • The dissemination of research models, projects and scientific testing invented inside Semeion;
  • The publication of scientific discoveries and the results of research and experimentation carried out by Semeion’s researchers, both nationally and internationally.



From 1993 to the 1999 the Semeion Research Center has been responsible for a scientific series by Armando Editore of Rome dedicated to the subject of Neural Networks applied to variousfields, among which are the health and social science fields.
This series is subdivided into two types of publication: theorical and methodological books about the Artificial Neural Networks and scientific research notes about applications and experimentations with Artificial Neural Networks.
From 1999 the new Semeion books were published in a scientific series devoted to Semeion by the publisher Franco Angeli (Milan). Furthermore, Semeion’s researchers regularly publish articles and collaborate with the following scientific journals:


  • Quality & Quantity, International Journal of Methodology, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Olanda;
  • Substance Use & Misuse, Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, Basel, Hong Kong;
  • Alcologia, Giornale Europeo di Studi sull’Alcool, Editrice Compositori Bologna;
  • Adicciones, Edita Socidrogalcohol, Palma de Mallorca, Spagna;
  • Bifurcation and Chaos in applied sciences and engineering, International Journal, Berkeley, CA, USA.
  • Noumen, Rivista trimestrale di informazione e ricerca psico-sociale, Castelfranco Veneto (TV), Italia
  • Keiron, Farmindustria, Roma.
  • Annali dell’Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Roma.
  • Personalità/Dipendenze, Erit–Italia e SDP, Mucchi Editore, Modena.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Elsevier Ed. Neurological Science, Springer–Verlag Ed.



Semeion Centro Ricerche di Scienza della Comunicazione
Via Sersale 117, 00128 Roma - Tel. 0650652350, Fax 065060064 - C.F. 06911530589 P.IVA 01644611004

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